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CATALOG > In Ruins (2 CD Set)

Robert Scott Thompson
In Ruins (2 CD Set)
Total Time: 85:50
Record Label: Aucourant Records
Catalog Number: AUREC 0014-1 & 0014-2
UPC: 649783001424
Type: CD
Released: 1981


In Ruins was composed and recorded in 1981 and is the first significant ambient music recording by Robert Scott Thompson. Now, fully re-mastered from the original analogue recordings, In Ruins is presented in its entirety on two compact discs. For fans and serious collectors of classical ambient music, In Ruins provides elegant harmonic and melodic elements within the context of innovative and immaginative soundscapes.

One of the basic tenets of classical ambient music is that it can be listened to on a number of levels, from rapt attention to the casual perception of the music as background sound. At each level of listening awareness different qualities and attributes of the music are revealed. This aspect, combined with the exquisite composition of the music itself, creates a CD set that is sure to attract considerable response from radio audiences and private listeners alike. In Ruins is another important addition to our growing catalog of ambient music and will find a permanent place in the collections of all ambient music connoisseurs.

In Ruins was originally composed and recorded in 1981-1982 using analogue equipment. Instruments used include Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, ARP 2600, Synthi AKS, Moog Modular Series III and electric guitars.

Two Disc Set
Re-released in 2007

"In Ruins" is a two CD set of ambient music created by Robert Scott Thompson from 1981 to 1982. The gentle flow of this album is every bit as vital today as it was 18 years ago! Robert created this masterful soundscape on analogue equipment. His ingenuity and creative techniques give the music a full-bodied sound. This creation was ahead of its time in 1982. It is still cutting edge in 2000. Comparisons to the Godfathers of ambient (Robert Fripp and Brian Eno) are natural and easy. RST is in the world-class minimalist league. This is an essential collection of historically important material! - Jim Brenholts, 2000

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