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CATALOG > Manifold

Robert Scott Thompson
Total Time: 78:47
Record Label: Aucourant Records
Catalog Number: AUREC 0101
UPC: 649783010129
Type: PRO CD-R
Released: 2001


Manifold is the fourth in a series of long-form ambient works. Each of these exists in different versions, often initially with a conception for installation presentation using multiple compact disc players and chance operations. These works are permitted to evolve continuously and become soundscapes for specific events, places and aesthetically arranged environments or combine with intermedia elements such as light and video. While the installation versions of these works are perhaps most compelling artistically, due in large part to their unfixed nature and pliability, they are interesting also as fixed recordings on compact disc. Manifold features three compact discs of collected sounds playing asynchronously. Each disc has unique sound elements on it together with silences of various durations. This recording presents the sound environment of the work as one long continuous composition. Manifold is similar in philosophical orientation and technical realization to the works Siren (Ambient), Music for a Summer Evening and Sapphire. However, this work is very different in both materials and overall musical impact, forming a fourth element in an evolving set of long-form ambient works. All four of these works will soon be available as the boxed set Musique d’Ameublement Volume One.

Manifold is a work that is composed as a long, unfolding narrative structure of over 70 minutes duration, intended for continuous playback. This recording also includes a number of track ID's, allowing playback to begin from various places within the composition as desired.

Re-mastered in 2007.

“I have come to expect the unexpected! None of that could have prepared my biosonic playback device (BRAIN) for this experiential listening! If the pattern continues, we'll be listening to this in 2100 and wondering how so-and-so came up with this. If we listen to Robert NOW, we'll know. This is beyond the perpendicular universe. This music dwells in the sixth or seventh dimension!”

~ Jim Brenholts

Like walking through a very surreal and extraterrestrial exhibit.
~ Ulf Claesson

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