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Paul Rudy
Kuxan Suum
Total Time: 54:00
Record Label: Twisted Trail Music
Catalog Number: TTM-2
Type: CD
Released: 2008


Kuxan suum, Mayan for “Road to the sky,” is about healing and reconciliation, and follows In lake’ch as the second in a series of CDs focusing on spirituality and transformation. Each of the 11 movements has a different lens through which it looks at the healing imperative at a time and place where our thoughts, and their resulting actions, have brought us to the brink of our own extinction. And yet, there are hopeful signs of transforming the limitations of our logic, which somehow seeks to reassure even as it destroys us. Ours is the plight of spirituality. The solution: a steerage that takes us a few degrees off course into new territory not subject to the laws that govern us from the past: laws and limitations that we have self-created. Physics, mathematics, psychology, neurology, music, metaphysics (to name just a few disciplines), all point towards a similar notion: that our existence is a creation of our own minds, and that minds cast adrift without spiritual moorage run aground on the devices of their own creation.

I cannot help but think it is time for us to forget our history: the past that binds us to repeating the same mistakes in the mirage of a dry desert. Perhaps a new grammar of harmony can free us to forget the Verduns of our past and avert their re-enactments. The invisible island...that is the circular pattern of life and energy…of the family of light...knows without being taught, Tikkun olam, or “repairing the earth.” The Cheyenne and Arapaho have done this at the Sand Creek and Washita Massacre sites. Their healing runs restoring not only the health of the land, but cultivating cultural and social healing: an invitation to examine how we interact with others in past and present. Perhaps in this music, a Nij Dhar of sorts...a vibration between our universal creator energy and our seeker, we may find a golden alphabet…a life language of love and compassion...of care and consideration...of peace and tranquility and of transcendent energy and harmony in the unity of all things.

Looking back upon this time our children’s children will know that we lived in a time when miracles fell from the sky like drops of healing rain: lessons that our follies are easily fixed, our path easily corrected. Many teachers among us already show the way to an ancestral blue, a blue that once knew the oneness of our universe and yearns to be returned. The road to awe leads not to the sky...nor a heaven out there, but to our own inner cosmos, where everything, including ourselves is made, and where our spirit knows the tools of it’s own restoration. Now is the time to quiet our ways, look inward and create healing and love, and watch the results as the earth and its inhabitants shift and blossom before our very eyes.

Special Thanks to:
The Cheyenne Singers for Jesus he’ama tsehoo’éstse (from Tsese-Ma’heone-Nemeototse: Cheyenne Spiritual Songs), Gretchen Krivoshia for the didjeridu recordings, JoDee Davis for the trombone samples and Gao Renyang for the dizi sounds and to everyone at IMEB in Bourges, France, who were most gracious with their assistance and use of their studios.

Kuxan suum was commissioned by, and realized in the studios of the Institute International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges, with the exception of movement 2, Verdun which was commissioned by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO.

For JD, JY and JPPO whose brotherhood has inspired me for many years.


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