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CATALOG > As in the Dark, All Cats are Grey

Robert Scott Thompson
As in the Dark, All Cats are Grey
Total Time: 50:38
Record Label: Aucourant Records
Catalog Number: AUREC 8400
Type: PRO CD-R
Released: 1984


As in the Dark, All Cats are Grey, is one of the earliest significant releases of contemporary electronica by master artist, Robert Scott Thompson. Originally, composed and recorded in 1986, it would be more than ten year before it became available on compact disc. Now fully re-mastered and edited, it is an essential addition to any collection of RST's work.

Many reviewers, not knowing which stylistic box to put such imaginative recording into, have labeled it New-Age. Yet, this is not typical New-Age music. As in the Dark has more of an affinity to other genres such as experimental, electronic pop and classical music. In fact, this disc is the forerunner of important RST releases such as Ginnungagap, Air Friction and Aether.

As in the Dark provides a very satisfying listening experience and is exceedingly well crafted and superbly recorded. This disc will make a wonderful addition to any serious collectors library of innovative new music.

Re-mastered in 2007.

"Another Robert Scott Thompson CD that was too far ahead of its original time. This disc has so much going for it that it defies categorization.” - Jim Brenholts

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