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NEW RELEASE: FOLIO - Volume I by Robert Scott Thompson NOW AVILABLE HERE!

RST's new ambient disc will be released in early 2012. Pre-release tracks are often posted on Soundcloud - check it out!.

Several full-length projects, including the first volume in RST's NEW "FOLIO" series of rarities and experimental tracks and several very early recordings, will be coming online soon for FREE DOWNLOAD!  Check back for status on this shortly.

A new single, Hauntological, among others has been released on iTunes.

The DVD of Requiem for Herstory, directed by Minji Kang has been released by Becoming Jade Films (NYC).  The soundtrack features the composition and sound design work of RST.


Two full length recordings by Robert Scott Thompson  - Elemental and Vivid Air - both feature innovative acousmatic and electroacoustic works.  Vivid Air features the title track, a 30+ minute work for percussion soloist and electroacoustic sound, performed by percussion virtuoso Dr. Stuart Gerber.

Two new EP releases are now available on the various download sites, such as iTunes and emusic.  Out of the Vivid Air (2009) and Waters of Cabeus A (2009), both by Robert Scott Thompson.


Dane Rudhyar - Four Pentagrams, Paeans, Granites performed by Ron Squibbs, piano.

Delicate Balance - various composers, music for clarinet and electroacoustics performed by F. Gerard Errante.  Street date: December 21, 2009. Now online!

Grønland - Stunning experimental ambient music from O'Leary - Passborg - Riis Street date: August 21, 2009.  Now online!

Gold Flowers Bloom Mercury Petals - the new ambient recording in the classical tradition by Robert Scott Thompson.  Street date: June 12, 2009.  Now online!

Mantra - the long-form ambient recording by Robert Scott Thompson.  Street date: June 9, 2009.  Now online!

Motets for Michelangelo - the audio tribute to Antonioni by Robert Scott Thompson.. Now online!


Re-releases of classic ambient recordings by Matthew Harris. Anticipated release in early 2010.
New recordings by Robert Scott Thompson: two closely related ambient albums comprising a set, Gold Flowers (Bloom Mercury Petals) -- Released in June 2009 -- and White Tiger (Returns to Mountain) --anticipated for 2011 release; a new ambient minimalist recording featuring ‘cello and piano in the style of Frozen Light (2008).

APRIL 2009

Lost Caverns of Thera ~ Atlantean cave explorations by Brannan Lane.

Troposphere ~ the ambient masterpiece by Brannan Lane.


The Solstice Variations (2008) ~ a highly compelling follow-up to the initial, self-titled, recording by Saturnin Sektor.

Saturnin Sektor (2008) ~ the self-titled debut by Saturnin Sektor, featuring superb dark electroacoustics.

Kuxan Suum (2008) ~ the beautiful follow-up to In lake'ch by Paul Rudy.

In lake'ch (2007) ~ superb electroacoustic music by Paul Rudy.

Chamsin (2008) ~ the new album by Yochanan Sebastian Winston and Carl Hammond.


Poesis AthesisRobert Scott Thompson's 2008 Lens Records debut Poesis Athesis now heard on NPR's Music from the Hearts of Space.  Poesis Athesis has also been added to a number of Best-of-2008 lists by reviewers and broadcasters.
Wounded BreathNew Release: Wounded Breath by Turkish modernist composer and ambient guitarist Erdem Helvacioglu, featuring five electroacoustic compositions.

New Release: Ghost Words by Robert Scott Thompson, the studio recording of the concert work Ghost Words After Trees Fall - Concert Suite, premiered in multi-channel surround sound during the SOUND Festival of New Music in Aberdeen, Scotland, November 2008.

JULY 2008

Frozen Light (2008) ~ the new long-form ambient album by Robert Scott Thompson.  Now beginning to receive good airplay consideration and superb reviews.

Cosmic Fire (2008) ~ a collection of electroacoustic works by Robert Scott Thompson. Newly mastered and including previously unreleased material.

(Coming soon!)

Orbital Lullaby Orbital Lullaby
"...beguiling sound montages that provide a highly transporting seventy five minute listening experience."
On the Keyboard ~ Piano Works of Joji Yuasa On the Keyboard ~ Piano Works of Joji Yuasa
The first recording of the complete works for solo piano - packaged in a special slip cover case.

Among all the kinds of instruments, I am partic...more
Fountainhead: Cloud Cover Fountainhead: Cloud Cover
CLOUD COVER is the debut of the ambient music project - FOUNTAINHEAD - the creative inspiration of well known ambient music composer Robert Scott Thompson. ...more
Sidereal (Continuous) Sidereal (Continuous)
The incomprehensibly vast distances of intergalactic space are continuously permeated by a subtle auditory ambience of shifting drones, ...more
Frozen Light Frozen Light
"...powerful mindscapes of great depth and emergent beauty."

Frozen Light
is a new collection of ...more

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